Shawe Hall Pre School Playgroup

Have fun, laugh and learn with us!

We have so many resources to choose from!

As the children learn through play, they are free to choose their own area of play, staff are on hand to help the children use the resources in a way to benefit their learning! 

The children are learning from the minute they join us at 9.30. We fit a lot into a structured routine during the morning but are flexible to adapt our routine to fit in with the children's play. 

Snack time - Before we gather together to eat our snack , we teach the children about hygiene, we wash hands within our key group then make our way with our group to each prepare our own tasty snack! We offer a variety of healthy snacks such as - fruit, pitta bread/crackers, breadsticks,  a range of spread cheese / houmous / jam. The children love to learn to choose their own snack and use the blunt knives to spread and cut their snack. We offer a drink of water or milk which the children pour themselves, blue roll at the ready!!! We enjoy a rolling snack usually within our key groups and enjoy the social time without it interrupting others play.

Out door playground

 We have an enclosed playground that is fully secure with safety tarmac. There is a sheltered area for when the weather changes so we can offer outdoor play all year round. We have an array of large motor skills resources such as bikes, trikes, scooters, balance beam, parachute. We love to have a quiet sit outside and read a book or explore the small world area to find dinosaurs, make a train track and use the magnifying glasses to search the garden for bugs!

Mark making area

We love to explore the different media to make marks with, using the trays that are full of pencils, crayons, chalks, scissors, glue, paper and envelopes to mention a few! We use our mark making to go baskets to enable us to use the mark making resources all around our pre school.

Construction Area

We have a fabulous mixture of construction resources for the children to let their imagination run wild and build and construct, break down and start again! duplo, wooden blocks, stickle bricks, large bricks, linking stars and many more.

Role Play area - What will our role play area be today?! Elsa's ice castle? a travel agent or airport?! Who know where our imagination will take us! We use our imagination and create a role play area to enhance our creativity and discovery.
Small World area - Will it be the dinosaurs or train track that we play with today? - why not all together - surely the dinosaurs would love a trip on a train! 

Playdough Area - A very busy area with the children loving our dough! Many cutters, stampers, rolling pins and cutters to help our fine motor skills develop. We learn to use one handed tools and express ourselves through shape making in the playdough

Book area - Shhhhhhh!!! Its time to settle down and relax with a book on the carpet with friends.
Maths area - A fabulous area to explore the weighing scales, threading laces, jigsaws and magnetic shape games. Staff ask open ended questions and observe the children valuing objects, recognising shapes and colours and using mathematical language whilst playing.