Ofsted Inspections

At Shawe Hall Preschool we have had the pleasure of 5 successful Ofsted inspections dating October 2004, June 2007, September 2011, June 2015 and October 2017. Each inspection has been awarded the grade GOOD. 

To read any of our reports please head over to www.reports.ofsted.gov.uk and put our name in the search bar.

'The well qualified, experienced staff are skilled in providing experiences for children's individual needs' (Ofsted June 2015)

'The children are happy, settled and content, because all staff provide a caring and nurturing environment that effectively promotes their well being' (Ofsted June 2015)

The protection of the children is good because staff know the procedures to follow if they have concerns regarding the welfare of a child' (Ofsted October 2017)

The manager and her staff demonstrate a commitment to review and improve their practice. This has a positive effect on staff and promotes children's learning' (Ofsted October 2017)

'Staff ask the children relevant questions to promote language skills and encourage them to solve problems' (Ofsted June 2015)